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Denture Repairs and Relines in Calgary

Denture Repairs While You Wait

If your dentures become cracked or broken, denture repairs should be sought as quickly as possible or the damage can get worse. Dentures can be repaired while you wait at Precision Denture Clinic, usually within an hour. When it comes to denture repairs, Calgary residents rely upon me for my fast turnaround times and efficient customer service.

We Offer Quick Turnaround Times for Relines

It’s not unusual for the shape of your mouth to change over time, causing your dentures to no longer fit comfortably. A denture reline is sometimes necessary to refit the inside of your dentures to your mouth to prevent damage to your mouth and/or jaw. Your dentures’ fit should be checked regularly to ensure optimal oral health. At Precision Denture Clinic, same-day denture relines in Calgary are possible while you wait. Please contact me today for more details or to schedule an appointment

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